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Clinics for All Levels

Which one is for you?
Never run before or just getting back into running?
Looking to complete your first 5k or 10k?
Want to run faster? Stronger? Longer?
Looking to learn to run continuously?
Want to be able to incorporate a run walk program?

Still not sure, come and try one out and decide if it is the right fit for you.

All Strides clinics:

  • Are Individualized/ personalized (Not a cookie-cutter approach to fitness)
  • Based on best evidence - All coaches are experienced runners themselves
  • Tried and tested
  • Include monthly training programs
  • Guest speakers selected based on group or individual requests
  • Store discounts for participants




Spring Personal Best Clinic (Coached by Jeremy Deere)

  • Group workouts held Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm and Saturday mornings at 9:00am
  • Starts Wednesday April 15th
  • 13 weeks for $150
  • For runners looking to improve their performance or have reached a plateau in their training
  •  This clinic will center around higher intensity training (hill repeats, track/interval workouts) rather than mileage
  • A focus on proper biomechanics, strength/speed development and program design
  • Clinic goal: Stampede Road Race 10k or 1/2 marathon

Spring Half Marathon Clinic (Coached by Juliana Harris and Nicole McCasey)

  • Group workouts held Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm and Saturday mornings at 9:00am
  • Ongoing registration
  • 13 weeks for $150
  • Progressive program designed to allow participant to maximize enjoyment and potential – designed to be less intense than Strides’ Personal Best Clinic
  •  Introduction to a variety of running topics including: pacing, running form, goal setting, cross training, injury prevention, equipment selection and nutrition
  • Designed for runners with some experience in long distance running
  • Clinic goal: Stampede Road Race 1/2 marathon



We have had numerous inquiries as to the start of Strides’ Urban Trail Running series. We will officially start on Tuesday April 7th and run every Tuesday thereafter. We also have a few Saturday runs planned for west of the city. No trail running experience is necessary but you should be able to comfortably run at least 5km. Trail shoes are also not necessary. We will, however, invite some of our shoe suppliers to come along and bring their trail shoes for us to try. We will revisit some areas from last fall plus we have some new routes planned. Start times are included with the route description and most runs will last about an hour. Please be ready to go by the indicated time. There is no charge to join the group..

The course is designed for runners of all abilities, including new runners, who are looking to supplement their road running. Participants will learn some of the tricks of running trails such as it’s okay to walk up the hills. We will visit many of the trails that can be found in Calgary with sessions lasting approximately an hour. Stay tuned for more information or you can contact Alan at Strides at


Free Group Runs 

Come out and join our free group runs from Strides! Group runs go every Saturday morning from the store at 9:00am. All levels are welcome! And... join us every 3rd Saturday of the month for the Strides Cookie Run, go for a run, enjoy a cookie and coffee afterward See Events tab or call the store for more details.