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My first career was as a teacher and my first teaching position was in a small northern Alberta town. While there a colleague of mine introduced me to running. Thirty five years later I am still running but no longer teaching. At least I am no longer teaching math instead I often help other runners through the arduous training required to successfully complete a marathon. Both teaching opportunities have proven to be rewarding. Running just to run has also been rewarding, it has kept me in reasonable shape both physically and mentally. 

When it was time to put away the chalk and wipe the board for the last time in 2008, I joined the Strides team. Working at a running store seemed to be a good way to ease into retirement. Meeting like minded people who have a passion for the sport as well as offering advice to those who are new to it has been exciting. I look forward to a few more years at Strides and a few more kilometres of running the roads and trails with good friends.