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Juliana’s running career expands from 5k races up to the marathon distance but has a personal sweet spot for 10k and half marathons.   She is currently going back to school to become a Psychologist and has a great interest in how exercise not only keeps us fit but also how it benefit’s our overall well-being.  She is also a mother of two young girls and hopes to pass on the running bug to the next generation.  

Although Juliana’s first love is running, she is a big advocate of cross training to support a healthy running practice. Within her clinics you will find great social connections as she fosters a strong running community. She has found that although running is technically an individual sport, within a group setting, you can often achieve more together than what would normally be possible on your own.   As part of her clinics, you will become tour guides of your own city exploring new communities to keep long runs fresh and interesting.  She looks forward to working with you in reaching your personal goals!