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Hello Humans!

I'm Lucy and Strides is my home during the day. I'm 2 years old and am still a little rambunctious (but always friendly) when I’m at the store. When you walk into the store and I seem excited to see you, it's because I am! I love sniffing you to see if there's a dog who runs your lives as well (my family doesn't seem to realize that I control everything they do!).

I'm very thrilled to be working at Strides, as three of my favourite things are: running shoes, socks and cardboard. The staff at Strides don't seem to think these items are made for chewing (silly humans!).

I’m old enough now that Jeremy and Jeanette take me running almost every day. They generally keep my in control, but little do they know I can outrun them any day of the week!

If I haven't met you yet, please stop by to visit me. Your canine friends are always welcome to join you!