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NB Dynamix

Strides Running Store is proud to be a member of the Independent Running Retailers of Canada ( Together with New Balance, the IRRC developed the NB Dynamix Training Program, which provides staff with an education and certification process to ensure IRRC member stores (and their staff) become synonymous with care, professionalism and consistency as it relates to footwear specialization. This program also helps establish the IRRC as a network of Elite Fit Specialists recognized by the sport medicine communities for their expert knowledge in the areas of foot health and footwear selection.

NB Dynamix is not a collection of shoes; it is a program combining the elements of:

1) Education

• By covering the technical areas of foot function, anatomy and biomechanics.

• By realizing the full range of product potential.

• By certifying the training process, thus legitimizing the service.

• By identifying specific footwear as it relates to common foot conditions and providing footwear under conditions of injury or pathology as perscribed by a medical professional.

2) Customer Service

• By establishing standard service levels that define NB Dynamix and the IRRC.

• By securing the basic infrastructure needed to assist the customer, the sales associate and the referring professional.

3) Targeted Marketing

• By supporting all of the above elements.

• By effectively and responsibly promoting products and services.