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I recall starting running at the age of thirteen, motivated by the fact that my mom had been a quick recreational runner in her day and I figured if I started running I could probably be pretty fast too. I likely had an underlying desire to beat her personal bests…but nonetheless, I am still running today and absolutely love it! I am a born and raised Calgarian, involved in swimming, running, and netball growing up. I ran with the Dinos for the first few years of post-secondary, and then switched to triathlons. I specialize in standard distance triathlons and run primarily 5 and 10k distances, though I love trail and ‘LSD’ runs. I have a BSc in Exercise and Health Physiology and hope to get in to a Masters of Physical Therapy program in the coming years. I find running biomechanics and related research fascinating, which naturally makes Strides perfect place to work. :) See you at the store!