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Welcome to Jeremy's Blog

Hello Fellow Runners!

This is my very first blog entry... ever. I'll be honest, I haven't subscribed to, or read, many blogs in the past, so don't know if there's a certain etiquette that should be followed. My goals with this blog are twofold: To initiate discussion about any & all topics pertaining to running and to answer questions you may have about running and training. I'm very hopeful that, from time to time, I can invite guest bloggers to write on this site. I will also seek out answer from known experts, when there are questions I'm unable to answer (or don't feel qualified to provide an adequate response). 

Since I am a newby blogger (never thought I'd call myself a 'blogger'!), please provide constructive feedback - either positive or negative - so I can keep it interesting and informative. The more interactive you are, the more fun we can all have in sharing our experiences and our passion for the sport of running! 

Keep on runnin'