Atomic Pro C3 Skintec Medium

Atomic Pro C3 Skintec is perfect for athletic cross-country skiers who want to make the best use of their limited free time. For a perfect kick and glide it features Skintec plus our SDS camber construction that keeps your kick zone away from the snow in the glide phase but easy to compress during the kick. It’s super easy to exchange the skins yourself, with the choice of a universal skin (pre-set on the ski) or a speed skin with better glide properties thanks to a race-weaving with longer, smoother hair. The ski also has an extended weight corridor, meaning the same ski can provide fantastic performance for men and women and skiers of different weights.

Tech Features

  • Skintec
  • BI 5000 + WC Grinding
  • Easy Skin Exchange
  • 100% Mohair
  • Pro Skintec Carbon Construction
  • Ultra High Densolite SDS
  • 43-44-44
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Strides Canmore
Med / 184: 1
Med / 200: 1
Strides Fish Creek
Strides Marda Loop