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Hello Fellow Runners!

This is my very first blog entry... ever. I'll be honest, I haven't subscribed to, or read, many blogs in the past, so don't know if there's a certain etiquette that should be followed. My goals with this blog are twofold: To initiate discussion about any & all topics pertaining to running and to answer questions you may have about running and training. I'm very hopeful that, from time to time, I can invite guest bloggers to write on this site. I will also seek out answer from known experts, when there are questions I'm unable to answer (or don't feel qualified to provide an adequate response). 

Since I am a newby blogger (never thought I'd call myself a 'blogger'!), please provide constructive feedback - either positive or negative - so I can keep it interesting and informative. The more interactive you are, the more fun we can all have in sharing our experiences and our passion for the sport of running! 

Keep on runnin'



New website looks great!

Thanks Christine - much appreciated! Please don't hesitate to send us an comments or suggestions for improvements. We're always open to advice!



I was wondering what 3 of your favourite races were and what a good interval workout would be for a 5km guy trying to break 19 mins

Hi Tim,

Over the past 25 years, I've probably run over 500 races, so choosing just 3 as my 'favourites' is difficult (though admittedly, there are some that I've purposely forgotten!). Instead, here are a few that I would list as 'very memorable'.

1) 1989 Forzani's Mother's Day Road Race - This was the first 10K race that I ever ran, which arguably is the reason I started running in the first place. I remember really enjoying the experience of running such a long distance with so many other people.

2) 1994 World Junior Cross-country Championships in Budapest, Hungary - This race is memorable because it was my first trip to Europe, my first time seeing the Kenyans and other Africans dominate the sport and finally, I got interviewed by Steve Ovett (great UK miler) after the race - he was on contract for the CBC coverage of the race (back when they actually televised World Cross-country Champs).

3) 1997 World Cross-country Championships in Turin, Italy - My first senior National Team. I ran quite poorly (finishing in 202nd place), but it was my first opportunity to run against the world's top cross-country runners - A real eye opener! I also will never forget this race, as I got my one (and only) tattoo upon returning to Canada - a Maple Leaf on my chest.

4) 2000 Victoria International Track Meet 5000m - This was perhaps the best track race I ever ran. Not only was it a Personal Best by almost 6 seconds (13:42), but it was also a big win over a strong international field. I don't think I ever felt better in the last 400m, where I ran 56.6 seconds to pull away for the victory. I only ever ran one 5000m race faster after that - 13:38 at the Canadian Olympic Trials 2 months later.

5) 2001 World Athletics Championships 5000m, Edmonton, AB - If I had to choose one race that I'll never forget, this would have to be the front-runner. The biggest race of my life, on the biggest stage (well, maybe the Olympics would have been bigger!), in front of many friends and family. Even now, I still get a tear in my eye when I remember walking out onto the track for my semi-final and seeing about 50 people wearing green t-shirts with the John Deere logo on the front and the saying 'Nothing Runs Like a Jeremy' underneath. The entire 10 days at 'The Worlds' was an incredible experience, made even more special because it was in our home country. 

6) 2004 Niagara Falls Half Marathon - I remember this race for two reasons: It's the race were I ran my Personal Best for the Half Marathon (1:05:17) and it was the best paced race I've ever run. I ran stride-for-stride with my good friend, Joel Bourgeois, for 11 miles, ticking off 5 minute miles like clockwork. Never before (or since) have my splits been so consistent.

7) 2005 Niagara Falls Marathon - Why do I think this race is memorable? It's because I realized that the full Marathon is a very different beast than any other race I'd ever run before. Despite having run a 1:06 Half Marathon (in cold, windy conditions) only 3 weeks before, I entered the Niagara Falls Marathon without proper training, but the naive thought that being in shape for a Half Marathon equated to being fit for a Marathon... boy was I wrong! I ran the first 21.1K in a very comfortable 1:09, but once we got to 25K, my body started to question what I was doing (I'd never run over 30K ever in my life prior to this Marathon!). By 35K I might as well have been walking. Despite finishing in a very respectable time of 2:37, I had positive split by almost 30 minutes! Never again will I take the Marathon distance for granted.

8) 2013 Calgary Marathon - My first (Guinness) World Record! I ran the Marathon with 9 friends as a member of a 10-man 'linked' marathon, breaking the Guinness World Record by running 2:55:24. More importantly, we raised a ton of money (and awareness) for the MitoCanada Foundation. I know all 10 members of the team will never forget the final 100m as we crossed the finish line to an incredible roar from the crowd. Probably the only time we'll feel like rockstars!

Thanks, Tim, for helping me re-live some of the best running experiences of my almost 25 year career. Hopefully many more fond memories are to come!

As for your question about a good workout for a 5K, this would be a blog post in itself. I will endeavour to give my thoughts (within the next week) on how a program would differ if training for a 5K, 10K or Half.

All the best,


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