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Ed Bickley

I’ve run since 1989, I started training more regularly with a local running group in 1991 and later became a competitive masters runner. I’ve run 100+ marathons (50 of these under 3 hours) and 700+ track, cross-country and road races in various cities and countries. Was inducted into the Calgary Marathon Hall of Fame in 2012. I’ve also run the ‘Rim to Rim to Rim’ double-crossing of the Grand Canyon in a day.

I’ve coached a long-standing training group of runners of various ages and abilities for over 10 years.

We welcome any runner to our Wednesday night drop in group who is looking to train at a moderate level – anyone who’s finished a 5k or 10k and can cover 7-10K in an hour. Our workouts are generally targeted for improving times in distances between 5 and 21K.

The group is free to join, and there are rumors of post-run beverages at the Garrison Pub each week as well!