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Lauren has run every distance from 5km to 42.2km, but her heart is in 5km and 10km races. She has lead many learn to run programs and she truly loves working with newbie runners and seeing them achieve their goals and growth.

From Lauren:

I grew up as a competitive swimmer and running was always part of the cross training but I loved getting lost in a run, purely for the calmness and how nothing seems impossible after a run. 

I've been involved in the running community for 14 years and have dabbled in half marathons and my one and only marathon (Chicago) and have lead many learn to run and 10km groups. I am also a swim and triathlon coach. I love being part of their journey and meeting so many people and all the stories that we have. 

One wintery night, a wonderful group of ladies and I were deep into a conversation about something entirely not running related and a saying was born: we are more fun than good. I'm not the fastest runner, but I make sure that we all find joy in this wonderful sport! 

And I high five. A lot!