Coxa Carry WR1 Waistbag

The Coxa WR1 hydrobag was developed with and tested by top class athletes during tough races and hardcore training sessions. It has a unique fit  and allows maximum mobility due to its stretch material. The Coxa WR1 has the same breathable 3D mesh as their other backpacks which provides a padding between back and waist belt for maximum comfort. The material is rugged and durable, ideal for your next competition or outdoor training session. This Waistbag comes with several pockets, both external for quick access and internal for phones, cards and keys. It’s designed to be your faithful compagnion while running, skiing, hiking and biking. The waistbelt also comes with an Insulated Tube Cover that keeps your water flowing freely, even in the coldest conditions and protects your liquids from getting warm when it’s sunny. Bottomline, it keeps your tube ice-free and your liquids ice-fresh.

  • One size, adjustable from 65 cm – 105 cm in waistsize.
  • Pack volume – 1.0-1.5 L / 60-90 cu in
  • 2 outer pockets for gel and bars and net pockets
  • The bladder volume is 1.5 litres but we recommend filling up to 1.2 litres

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