New Balance Women's Mid-Distance 500 Spike

The MD500v6 is an all-around performer. Featuring a new, more aggressive aestheticm, the sleek upper provides unwavering support thanks to a resin-print exoskeleton designed for athletes on the prowl. The six-spike Pebax® plate and EVA heel wedge make the MD500v6 a versatile choice for athletes competing in multiple events.

Type: Spikes/competition

Weight:  4.7 oz | 134 grams

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Strides Canmore
Strides Fish Creek
Violet/Black / 7.5: 1
Strides Marda Loop
Violet/Black / 5.5: 1
Violet/Black / 6: 1
Violet/Black / 6.5: 1
Violet/Black / 7.5: 1