On Women's Cloud

Perform all day every day with the lightweight shoe that's Never Not On.

The new CloudTec® sole gives you an even smoother ride than ever before. New structural innovations such as re-shaped cloud elements, increased grip pads, and an updated central channel make the Cloud fit for all activities.

Shoe Category: Neutral

Surface: Road

Drop: 6mm

Weight: 183 g | 6.4 oz

Staff Fit Comments: "These shoes are a wonderful option for shorter runs (for myself), gym work and kicking around it. Pretty much all of our staff have a pair that they wear at the store. On fits generous in comparison to other brands and we often size down (I'm usually an 8.5 and I wear an 8 in On). They have a lovely fit for a narrow foot." ~Lauren

"Used primarily as a casual work shoe. It fits well and my feet are more than happy to spend a day in them. I have noticed the upper wearing and
a seam cracking, but given the amount of use they have, I am not unduly worried." ~Tim

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Strides Canmore
Shark/Pebble / 6.5: 2
Shark/Pebble / 7: 2
Shark/Pebble / 8: 1
Strides Fish Creek
Shark/Pebble / 11: 1
Strides Marda Loop