Salomon Soft Reservoir 1.5L

Ideal for all your trails, the SOFT RESERVOIR 1.5L will keep you hydrated and energized on the go, shrinking as you drink to limit water bounce. The reservoir bladder combines soft materials, shorter routing and optimized slider grip for practical comfort kilometer after kilometer.

This soft flexible reservoir shapes to fit your bag and shrinks as you drink to limit water bounce. The new slider is also softer on your back. The updated slider has extra grip that makes refilling and emptying easier, even with cold or sweaty hands.

  • Material: TPU - Used for specific properties: elasticity, comfort close to the back, transparency to see the water level inside, resistance to any liquid, taste free, PVC free, and no toxic substances. TPU is ideal for hydration bladders and tubes.
  • Compatible with: Salomon ADV Skin 5 and 12L packs, Salomon Active Skin 4 and 8L packs, Nathan Trail Mix 7 and 12L packs and Nathan QuickStart packs. (Note: This list only contains the packs that we carry. This bladder may work with other packs.)
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