5 Peaks Central Alberta Series #1 - Sikome Lake (Fish Creek)

5 Peaks Central Alberta Series #1 - Sikome Lake (Fish Creek)

Saturday, May 13th, 2023
6km & 11km Trail

Hosted on the beautiful trails in Fish Creek Park starting at Sikome Beach area, and running out past the Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Centre is the spot to kick off this series. This course is largely flat, but a few steep hills thrown in for fun! You will run from Sikome parking lot up through a forest, down a hill, along the river, past the Ranch House and out into the trails on the north side of Fish Creek.

Each event consists of a free Children’s Challenge (50m – 1km), a Kidspeaks Timed Kids Challenge (about 3k), a Sport (5-8 km) entry-level course, and an Enduro (10-15 km) intermediate to advanced course. Certain venues will also have a GRIT distance ranging between 18 and 25 km.

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