A Runner's Gift Guide

Need some help buying gifts for the runners in your life? We’re here to help! Our staff have curated a list of practical gifts to help them continue running year round!

Traction Control

Increasing level of traction:

Level 1 – Saucony Peregrine Ice+

  • Using special rubber on the outsole of the shoe, the Peregrine Ice+ have found the recipe for success for running on snow. The layer of Vibram Arctic ICE grip adheres to ice to give you control when you need it.

Level 2 – Ice Spikes

  • Can you believe you can add spikes to your shoes and remove them in minutes? Without damaging your shoe? Ice Spikes come with a tool that allow you to put in the small screws to give you perfect traction in all snow and ice conditions and then remove them whenever you need to.

Level 3 – Kahtoola Microspikes (Trail use only)

  • Hitting the trails and want to stay upright? Grab the Kahtoola Microspikes and slip them over your running shoes and hit the trails. These spikes will stay put and give you confidence to enjoy the single track. 

Level 4 – Salomon Unisex Spikecross

  • The Spikecross is a trail running shoe with built in carbide spikes so you can slip them on and run in all the conditions winter throws at you - road and trail.

Stay Visible

Neighbourhood visibility – Running in the morning or at night we all want to make

sure we’re able to be seen by cars and the Get Vizy products help with that. We have the arm band as well as the vest to help you be seen from up to 1km away!

Lighting up the trails and pathways – A headlamp is the way to go when lots of light is needed. We have quite a few options from Black Diamond and Silva which will make sure you way is perfectly lit.

Cold, Cold Hands

Cold hands? We have the solution for you!

Heading out during a chinook? Above zero, but still like having a thin pair of gloves on? Check out these options (and can be used for layering in colder temps):


We also carry mitts and gloves geared towards the -5 to -20 runs and the first two are convertible mitts/gloves that allow you to add or take away the mitt layer for your hands:

When cold snap hits and you need to protect those digits!! We have options for you:

For really, really cold hands, pair a thin glove with a warm mitten and have Little Hotties available just in case!

Take It Off-Road

Thinking about hitting the trails? Not sure what is needed will for that trail race that was a good idea after glass of wine or two (we've all been there!)? Here are some trail essentials to make their adventure fun and safe!

Trail Shoes - These can also double as a winter running shoes with traction control if they have a sticky traction grip on the bottom.

Running Hydration Packs - These packs carry everything needed from bear spray, jacket, nutrition, cell phone, etc. without bouncing as they sit higher on the body. The litre capacity of the pack will tell you how much stuff you can cram into it.

  • <5L pack = bear spray, packable jacket, nutrition, cell phone, small first aid kit and buff/toque (good pack size for most).
  • 7 to 12L pack = bear spray, packable jacket, nutrition, cell phone, buff/toque, first aid kit and heavier jacket or mid layer. ( 12L packs are the recommended size for most ultra distance races).

Also consider other sports or activities that you might use your pack for - biking, skiing, hiking, etc.

Bear Spray - Important to carry year round and some races require you to have it.

Packable Jackets - These jackets can be waterproof or have a good water repellency (DWR) to them but they are lightweight and ball up into a small pouch. These are essential for safety in case the weather turns.