Free Saturday Morning Run Group - 9AM at Marda Loop

Jill is your host at our Marda Loop store:

"We meet outside of the Strides Marda Loop store and depart once I review the route and turn-around points. I typically plan out-and-back routes so that you can decide on your running distance and pace based on your fitness and training plan, but we try to coordinate distances and paces amongst runners so that you are not running alone. The goal is to create community and support amongst our runners. We are running routes up to 15km, but I can always provide suggestions for additional mileage if you wish to go farther. The routes that I plan also allow you to run shorter distances (5-10km) easily.
** During spring and summer (starting March 04) for runners that are needing to run further than 15km – get your extra kilometers done early before the scheduled group run! I will be at the Strides Marda Loop store for 7:40AM and will be departing at 7:45AM to complete my first 10km, all are welcome to join."
After your run, add yourself to the Strides Run Club milestone board and you are on your way to earning run club rewards! We would love to have you join us.
Have any questions? Please email us at