Hoka Crescendo Mid-Distance Spike (Unisex)

Built for speed. Cushioned for comfort.

An entry level spike engineered with more cushioning and midsole foam than elite spikes, the Crescendo MD is built for speed with a 6-pin spike plate and race-ready single-layer mesh upper. Engineered with the thickest stack height you’ll see on the track; this beginner-friendly spinoff is bound to turn heads on the starting line whether racing your first 4x400 or two-miler. 

Shoe Category: Neutral

Surface: Track Spike (Mid Distance 800m-3km)

Weight: 4.9oz

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Strides Canmore
Strides Fish Creek
CDVB / M8/W9.5: 1
Strides Marda Loop
CDVB / M4.5/W6: 1
CDVB / M8/W9.5: 1