New Balance Women's FuelCell MD500 v9

For aspiring track athletes, the New Balance FuelCell MD500 v9 is a sleek, lightweight track spike great for middle to long distance races. The MD500 is equipped with a full-length FuelCell midsole that offers a propulsive feel perfect for racers striving to go faster. A 6-pin TPU spike plate with removable spikes provides an aggressive but forgiving ride perfect for a wide range of track events. 

Weight: 4.5 oz | 227 g

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Strides Canmore
Strides Fish Creek
B / 9.5: 1
Strides Marda Loop
B / 5: 1
B / 5.5: 1
B / 9: 1
B / 9.5: 2
B / 10: 2