On Women's Cloudsurfer

The training shoe with computer-optimized technology for next-level cushioning.

For an adapted and specialized version of On's signature CloudTec® technology, they left nothing up to chance. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), they simulated how each component of their prototype reacts while running. Using invaluable insights from this method, they created the optimal midsole for a seamless weight transfer from heel to toe. It's called CloudTec Phase™ and it introduces a new age of cushioning. 

In CloudTec Phase™, the computer-generated Clouds seamlessly collapse like dominos when your foot lands. The result? Supreme, enhanced cushioning, and a softer, smoother transfer from heel to toe. 

To save on water, the Cloudsurfer's yarn is colored using a dope dyeing process that requires 90% less water than standard techniques. We've also ditched the plastic overlays and bumped up the shoe's total recycled content to 30%.

Shoe Category: Neutral

Surface: Road Running

Drop: 10mm

Weight: 205g

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Strides Canmore
Black/Cobalt / 6.5: 1
Strides Fish Creek
Black/Cobalt / 6.5: 1
Black/Cobalt / 7: 1
Black/Cobalt / 9.5: 1
Strides Marda Loop
Black/Cobalt / 7.5: 1