Krono Maple Fuel Maple and Coffee

The maple-coffee energy gel is a combo that offers unique power and intensity in the mouth.

Convenient to consume, its creamy texture offers a high energetic power with progressive diffusion, allowing to support intense efforts in all endurance sports.

Why choose the maple and coffee energy gel?

  • Maple syrup provides a considerable dose of carbohydrates that are easily metabolized into glucose during training, providing the energy necessary for performance and helping to increase resistance.
  • Caffeine increases muscle contraction strength by improving the solicitation of muscle fibers and also decreases the perception of effort for a real "boost" during training.

When to consume Maple and Coffee Energy Gel :

  • 1 sachet every 25 to 30 minutes during an intense training session or during a competition. It is also suggested to consume one just before the departure of a competition.
  • For hikes or less intense efforts, it is recommended to consume energy nectars at a rate of 1 sachet per 40 to 45 minutes

Maple energy gel is a 100% natural source of energy. These minerals play an important role in the muscular contraction of the athlete. Its intensity and aroma offer a unique flavor that combines pleasure and performance.

Maple syrup, sea salt, coffee powder.

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