Goodr Sunnies

A customer shared her great idea of Goodr Sunglasses for the many birthday parties that her son was invited to (pre-covid). With 6 styles to choose from and SO. MANY. COLORS, there is a option for everyone. And they are fabulous to run in. Watch out for the names if you are looking for a younger runner.

Stay Visible

We all want to make sure that the runner in our life is visible cars and the GetVizy products help with that. The arm band is a simple way to get 360 degree visibility and has 90 hours of rechargeable battery life!

Lighting up the trails and pathways – A headlamp is the way to go when lots of light is needed, whether you need to see the sidewalks or the roots on your trail run.

The New Runner

Many of us have learned the hard way, so lets share those (sometimes horrific) experiences and the products that have changed our experience of running for the better!

Body Glide - Anti Chafing

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